Sunday, October 19, 2008

carrie's most relevant playlist: round 2

1. Brooke Fraser – C. S. Lewis Song
Is this a soul that stirs in me—is it breaking free, wanting to come alive? ‘Cos my comfort would prefer for me to be numb and avoid the impending birth of who I was born to become.

2. Landon Pigg – Tin Man
I’m looking at the sunset, wondering, “So what?” The Tin Man’s got nothing on me—Heart, I hope you wake up soon.

3. Hillsong – Hosanna
Heal my heart and make it clean, open up my eyes to the things unseen; show me how to love like You have loved me. Break my heart for what breaks Yours—everything I am for Your Kingdom's cause—as I walk from earth into eternity.

4. The Spill Canvas – All Hail the Heartbreaker**
I will sleep another day—I don’t really need to anyway, because what’s the point when my dreams are infected with words you used to say?

5. Rob Dickinson – My Name is Love
When everything you know falls apart when the wind blows, when everything seems so tough, my name is love

6. Brandi Carlile – Have You Ever
. . . If you’ve ever been out walking in the snow, if you had ever been out walking you would know

7. Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova – Falling Slowly
Words fall through me and always fool me and I can’t react. And games that never amount to more than they’re meant will play themselves out.

8. Brooke Fraser – Love, Where is Your Fire?
Then a doubt comes to lie at the back of my mind that I’ll offer You me and You’ll politely decline. So I’ll hasten to mute it, I’ll shout and rebuke it: “Away, away, away!” ‘Cos I know I’ll blaze with You, so I’m holding my heart out

9. Mat Kearney – Won’t Back Down
Hallelujah ripped through my veins. I heard the hammer drop, my blood in the rain. Hallelujah came like a train; when all is lost, all is left to gain.

10. Anberlin – Paperthin Hymn
You never know what temporal days may bring, so laugh, love, live free, and sing; when life is in discord, praise ye the Lord.

**This is my obligatory Spill reference because Chels and I are seeing them in concert this weekend!! :oD

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i'm sitting here, smoking away, but still there's no sign of a flame

A doubt comes to lie at the back of my mind,
That I'll offer You me and You'll politely decline
So I hasten to mute it, I'll shout and rebuke it:
"Away, away, away!"

'Cos I know I'll blaze with You
So I'm holding my heart out to You
I'm holding my heart out

[brooke fraser, "love, where is your fire?"]

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Be careful what you ask for, because He might just give it to you…

Today I am in the D.C., reading Michael Yaconelli’s Dangerous Wonder and I just can’t stop smiling, knowing that my love of laughter comes directly from Christ (see exhibit A for proof of God’s sense of humor).

Exhibit A: The Duck-billed Platypus

So, with that on my mind, I head back to my dark and quiet room for a few more minutes of peace before I start my day and I decide to make a new playlist of worship music. So, I turn on the “genius” feature of iTunes (the “genius” feature takes a song of your choice from your music library and makes a playlist that matches that song), and I wait for iTunes to work its magic based on Chris Tomlin’s “Unfailing Love.”

This is what I see when all is said and done:

1. “Unfailing Love” – Chris Tomlin
2. “Fergilicious” – Fergie

The rest of the playlist does not even matter. I do regret that I laughed so hard that I woke my roommate up (sorry, Kerri), but in all seriousness (pun intended), I prayed for God to reveal Himself to me today, and He most certainly has…

“God does play with our souls. He hides and He seeks and His laughter heals our hearts” (84).

[please to insert smiling face here]