Saturday, October 30, 2010

It is what it is

There is something to be said for consistency.


But I clearly have no authority to say it. So, in a (shameful) attempt to catch up with my current hunt for joy, I am going to rely on the Old Faithful of journal fallbacks...

The List! :o)

Joy is the everpresent, overwhelming devotion of a friend. It is the unexpected word of encouragement from a complete stranger. Joy is the adoration of a mother. It is the way you rock a new outfit from hood to toe. It is a five-page letter delivered with a stamp. Joy is the one who knows your worst and loves you most. It is the burst of creative inspiration on a rainy grey day. It is the smooshed smile on the face of an Englih bulldog. Joy is the miracle of a new life. It is the sale on good-smelling hairdye. It is the intimacy between kindred spirits. Joy is requited love. It is the conviction to shake foundations. It is exploration of an unknown place. Joy is His uninhibited grace.

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